Friction Loss Calculator Screenshots (Support | Mobile Phone View | Tablet)

Friction Loss Calculator Screens
Above: The Friction Loss launch screen & Friction Loss Calculation screen.
Choose from metric or imperial units.
Above: Here is the Friction Loss Calculator interface. It defaults to imperial measurements but metric is also an option. Simply push the Metric link to convert. Above: Here are links to Cadman Power Equipment's Social Media and website links.

Cadman Friction Loss Calculator at the Google Play Store


Cadman’s Friction Loss Calculator calculates the amount of friction or pressure lost through any standard irrigation system setup. The user enters their specific variables pertaining to their system - pipe, hose or tube length; the coefficient which represents the material: pipe, hose or tubing; flow rate, i.e. GPM (gallons per minute); and the internal diameter of the pipe / hose itself. The results can be calculated in both metric and imperial units.

The Cadman Friction Loss Calculator app also has seven conversion tools. These tools consist of length, weight, liquid volume, area, power (kilowatts to horse power), and Celsius / Fahrenheit converters. There is also a currency converter which references for daily currency rates.

Future updates will include a Cadman news feed, product gallery, access to Cadman catalogues and information.


Conversion Tools

Length Converter
- centimeters
- meters
- kilometers
- miles
- inches
- feet
- yards

- bar
- milibar
- inch of Mercury
- kilopascal
- Megapascal
- pascal
- pound/square inch
- pound/square foot

Liquid Volume Converter
- fluid ounces
- pints
- quarts
- gallons
- milliliters
- litres

Temperature Converter
- fahrenheit
- celsius

Currency Converter
- All accepted currencies

Power Converter
- KiloWatts to Horse Power

Area Converter
- square cm
- square feet
- square meters
- square yards
- square miles
- square kilometers
- acres
- hectares

Weight Converter
- fluid ounces
- grams
- pounds
- kilograms
- short tons
- metric tons
- short tons

Cadman Social Media and Website Links.

Here app users can learn more about Cadman Power Equipment by visiting their corporate website -, go to Cadman's mini irrigation reel store, access the Cadman's Blog or go to any Cadman social media pages.

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